Raw Date Recipes

Enjoy some of the best date recipes on the internet. From simple stuffed dates to date and nut balls. Enjoy!

Gastrawnomica’s Raw Vegan Lime Pie


Citrus lovers rejoice! A raw, vegan, and gluten-free pie that is definitely not short on that citrusy sweet-tart flavor you love. Use lemons or limes, or a combination of both; whatever suits your fancy!

Raw Chocolate Mousse


This a decadent mousse is made of  rich, nutrient dense ingredients.  With avocado and cacao being full of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants respectively, it is, effectively an anti-aging dessert! 2 please!  

Raw Caramel Apple Cheesecake


Biting into this cheesecake is like a taste of autumn on a cloud.  So delicious and so balanced; sweet and a little tart, gooey, smooth and crunchy.  It’s like cheesecake had a baby with a caramel apple streusel. Could life be any more delicious? We’ll let you decide…  

Chaga Shake


There are many superfood superheroes in this drink.  Along side the super immune building medicinal mushrooms Reishi and Chaga there is anti-oxidant rich Cacao, fibre-full Banana and Dates, and nutritious Bee Pollen. You will find that by making these health giving ingredients a regular feature of your diet, your immune system will be fortified, hormones […]

Orange Chocolate Cheesecake


Chocolate orange lovers, are you ever in for a treat. This creamy, rich, and decadent cheesecake combines your two loves, and…drumroll please….it’s actually made sans dairy, gluten, AND refined sugars. A perfect sweet treat for any special occasion!  

Raw Superfood Cookies

IMG_1656 (1)

Packed with superfoods and protein, these no bake cookies are healthy enough for you to have for breakfast or post-workout refuel, but tasty enough to pass for dessert.

Raw Salted Caramel Freezer Pops

IMG_3573- 1

What’s not to love about salted caramel peanut butter ice cream, a dark chocolate shell and crunchy bits of nuts, buckwheat, and crushed rose petal?! These frozen delicacies look incredibly decadent but are actually made with good-for-you ingredients, are pretty easy to make, and don’t require any fancy equipment aside from a blender and a […]

Raw Caramel Peanut Clusters

Peanut-Caramel-Clusters-1 (1)

Food doesn’t always have to look like a show stopper in order to taste absolutely amazing. Case in point with these Raw Caramel Peanut Clusters. Raw peanuts chopped into bits mixed with vegan salted caramel, dipped in dark chocolate. Gooey, messy, and lumpy never tasted so good! (but really, these don’t even look that bad…) […]

Tangy Lime Tart


This tangy lime tart is perfect for entertaining. It’s simple to make, super light and incredibly refreshing. Think of summertime, long lunches, good company, and this showstopper! Made with potassium rich avocados and detoxifying limes, this delicious tart contains a superior nutritional profile. Another reason to include this at your next special event.  

Blueberry, Macqui and White Chocolate Cheesecakes


Heaven truly does exist on Earth, at least while eating a slice of this incredible dual layered, superfood-infused raw vegan cheesecake. Blueberry and maqui berry, a richly-pigmented super berry native to the Patagonia region of Chile, are responsible for this recipe’s strikingly beautiful color show and potent punch of antioxidants, phytonutrition and Vitamin C. Enjoy!