Healthy Bounty Slice


This Healthy Bounty Slice recipe is not only cane sugar free, gluten free, and vegan, but it is also pretty to look at. It’s a definite favorite from Sweet Treats for the Pretend Health Freaks – a FREE downloadable ebook by chef Sarah Bambey.    

Triple Layered Tahini Fudge


Get this sesame goodness in your belly! Tahini is not just awesomely nutritious and an excellent plant based source of calcium, it’s also awesomely delicious. There’s just something about that sesame flavor that makes those taste buds go into overdrive. Almost like they can’t handle the amazingness. If you haven’t yet tried tahini in a […]

Chaga Shake


There are many superfood superheroes in this drink.  Along side the super immune building medicinal mushrooms Reishi and Chaga there is anti-oxidant rich Cacao, fibre-full Banana and Dates, and nutritious Bee Pollen. You will find that by making these health giving ingredients a regular feature of your diet, your immune system will be fortified, hormones […]

Orange Chocolate Cheesecake


Chocolate orange lovers, are you ever in for a treat. This creamy, rich, and decadent cheesecake combines your two loves, and…drumroll please….it’s actually made sans dairy, gluten, AND refined sugars. A perfect sweet treat for any special occasion!  

Raw Chocolate Chia Pudding


This yummy pudding is packed full of brain healthy omega 3 fatty acids, perfect for fueling you up on days when you need to engage your brain. The chia seeds are also a great source of the minerals calcium and phosphorus, for strong and flexible bones. Plus, it’s back to school season, and we all […]

Matcha Chocolate Shake

Matcha-Chocolate-Shake-7-of-7 (1)

Some mornings require more than your basic cup of coffee or tea – a little extra boost, a little extra green, a little extra chocolate because, well, why not? This Matcha Chocolate Shake is deceivingly good for you. Both the matcha green tea and raw cacao will provide you with clean, pure energy along with […]



A hugely popular recipe on Hippie Lane and for good reason, these raweos are a raw version of the cream filled chocolate biscuit, the oreo. Except these are made without flour, sugar, butter and an oven. You will adore this recipe. The flavor combination is comfortingly reliable and they taste too good to be the healthy version. Perfect for both kids and adults […]

Raw Brownie Truffles


Raw + vegan + super-duper-easy. If you could package these babies up with that tagline and sell ’em like hotcakes you’d make a fortune! Seriously, these are SO GOOD.    

Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Pudding

raw-vegan-chocolate-coconut-pudding_600x720 (1)

Go a little bit coco-nutty today with this delicious raw vegan chocolate coconut pudding. It will definitely take you back down memory lane with its close resemblance to a classic childhood favorite. No packages of questionable powder-like substances required here however, only fresh raw ingredients like coconut meat, dates, vanilla bean and raw cacao sourced […]

Creamy, Healthy, and Guilt-Free Raw Chocolate Mousse


A rich and chocolatey pudding recipe with such healthy ingredients that you could literally eat it for breakfast without a stitch of guilt. This is the type of dessert to take your time with and enjoy slowly. If you end up licking the bowl, don’t worry, you’re not the only one….