Cacao Nib Superfood Truffles


You’re probably hip to the health benefits of raw cacao (loads of antioxidants, tons of magnesium, minerals, Vitamin C, neurotransmitter-stimulating compounds like phenethylamine and anandamide – and if you weren’t, well, now you are!).  While this recipe does include a nice dose of raw cacao love, it also features another outstanding, although less famous, superfood: […]

Almond Butter Cup Pink Raspberry Superfood Smoothie

Pink Smoothie Cacao-1

Did you know that by soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds they become easier for your body to digest? Most nut butters, even if raw and organic, have not gone through the process of soaking and germination, making Dastony brand very unique in that way. This smoothie makes the perfect base to showcase Dastony’s special […]