Banana Recipes

Create amazing banana recipes from banana cream pie to banana shakes to help and sustain you on your raw journey!

Raw Chocolate Mousse


This a decadent mousse is made of  rich, nutrient dense ingredients.  With avocado and cacao being full of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants respectively, it is, effectively an anti-aging dessert! 2 please!  

Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl

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Dragonfruit (also known as pitaya!) itself doesn’t always have a huge amount of flavour, but it looks great, contains antioxidants and B vitamins, and is lower in sugar than other tropical fruits such as mango or pineapple. It makes an amazing base to your smoothie bowls; transforming a basic recipe into a colorful, antioxidant-rich show […]

Overnight Breakfast Jars


Think of this as more of a time saving technique rather than an exact recipe. If you lead a busy life these breakfast jars could be a life saver! Simply layer a variety of seeds, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, oats, quinoa flakes, coconut and super foods together in a jar, fill the jar with a plant-based […]

Chaga Shake


There are many superfood superheroes in this drink.  Along side the super immune building medicinal mushrooms Reishi and Chaga there is anti-oxidant rich Cacao, fibre-full Banana and Dates, and nutritious Bee Pollen. You will find that by making these health giving ingredients a regular feature of your diet, your immune system will be fortified, hormones […]

A Nice Green Smoothie with Mint and Turmeric


If you’re looking for something refreshing, yummy and green, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect recipe. Warming ginger and turmeric team up with cooling mint to delight the taste buds with flavor, while offering the body a potent anti-inflammatory boost. This green dream also packs in a nice dose of iron from spinach and zinc from […]

Vanilla Smoothie Bowl with Dark Chocolate and (a lot of) Fresh Blueberries


Vanilla, fresh blueberries and dark chocolate.. Need we to say more? This smoothie bowl is not only a great and filling breakfast, it’s also a great post workout snack/meal because of the vanilla protein in it. So not only will your muscles will be able to recover better and faster, your belly will also be […]

Matcha Chocolate Shake

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Some mornings require more than your basic cup of coffee or tea – a little extra boost, a little extra green, a little extra chocolate because, well, why not? This Matcha Chocolate Shake is deceivingly good for you. Both the matcha green tea and raw cacao will provide you with clean, pure energy along with […]

Healthy Raw Vegan Ice Cream


There is no need to bombard your body with a heap of sugar in order to satisfy that sweet tooth and ice cream craving. This recipe is so utterly healthy you could even have a bowl for breakfast without thinking twice about it. Making raw vegan ice cream from frozen fruit is great way to […]

Oatmeal Cookie Dough Breakfast Smoothie with Turmeric Boost

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Cookie dough that is packed with superfoods like turmeric root, coconut butter, and probiotics, is perfectly appropriate for breakfast, and leaves your fingers clean? Yeah, it’s real and will brighten up your day in no time! Try this delicious smoothie bowl recipe the next time you feel like being a little rebellious!  

Mango-Banana and Blueberry-Coconut DREAM


Bananas are such a great base for a creamy, yummy and naturally sweet mixture. They are also free from fat and cholesterol, contain lots of good vitamins and minerals, and contain carbohydrates to provide you with energy and help you to refuel your body! Adding mangoes and blueberries not only gives this recipe a bright […]