Raw Almond Recipes

Enjoy some of the best almond recipes on the internet. From simple almond milk to almond pate.

Raw Red Velvet Cupcakes (Nut & Dairy Free Frosting)


Filled with the all natural red color of beets and healthy goodness from almonds, flax and coconut, these cupcakes are actually good for you! The frosting would also be perfect on a carrot cake or with added raw cacao powder on a chocolate creation.  

High Raw Cheeze Crackers with Peanut Butter

crackersonplate800px (1)

Anyone have a memory from childhood of those bright orange crackers filled with sweet peanut butter? It’s okay, you can fess up – no judgement here. As a grown-up, maybe you’ve gone as far as to pick up a packet to check out the actual ingredients. Talk about a fright! This raw homemade version is […]

Sun Dried Tomato Truffles


These savory truffles are amazingly flavorsome, zesty, creamy, nutty and slightly gooey. They make a great snack when you need something savory, and they also make a perfect holiday party appetizer. Perfect for any time of year or get together!

Healthy Raw Caramel Slices


Is it possible to make healthy caramel slices that are also out of this world delicious? YES! While these caramel slices contain natural sugars, fats and calories, they are FREE of all processed and refined sugars as well as gluten and dairy. Instead of using flour for the base, nuts and coconut flour take over to create a […]

Choc Mint Raw Vegan Cheesecake


This luscious raw cheesecake draws it’s minty-fresh flavor from real peppermint essential oil; it completely compliments the richness of the raw cacao. In terms of essential oils, you get what you pay for, so use something high quality, organic, and food-grade such as the doTERRA range. These oils are incredible!! Aside from sheer deliciousness, this […]

No Bake Gluten-Free Peach Cobbler


This is a dessert you can feel happy about giving your kids, and your kids will feel HAPPY to eat it guaranteed.  No chemicals, processed sugars, preservatives, gluten, dairy, etc, just 100% fruity wholesomeness.  If peaches are done for the season in your region try this recipe with apples, pears, or even berries! Warning in advance: […]

Raw Vegan Ginger and Turmeric Cheesecakes


Turmeric is a powerful and safe anti-inflammatory with a wonderful warm-bitter flavor. It helps nourish and heal the body from the inside out and can work wonders to alleviate muscle soreness after exercising, reduce inflammation in the body, and even help heal sore gums. A medicinal punch of turmeric combines with fresh, spicy ginger to form […]



A deliciously rich and crumbly raw chocolate “oreo”- style cookie sandwiching a creamy-smooth coconut cream-based filling with hints of sweet vanilla bean. This is the perfect Raw Oreo. Pour yourself a cold glass of nut milk and prepare for heaven.  

Gastrawnomica’s Raw Vegan Lime Pie


Citrus lovers rejoice! A raw, vegan, and gluten-free pie that is definitely not short on that citrusy sweet-tart flavor you love. Use lemons or limes, or a combination of both; whatever suits your fancy!

Healthy Bounty Slice


This Healthy Bounty Slice recipe is not only cane sugar free, gluten free, and vegan, but it is also pretty to look at. It’s a definite favorite from Sweet Treats for the Pretend Health Freaks – a FREE downloadable ebook by chef Sarah Bambey.