Guava Passion Fruit Cheesecake: An Exclusive Recipe from Unconventional Treats by Audrey Snowe (Guest Post)

Hi, I’m Audrey, the food architect behind I’m a foodie and dessert junkie who is passionate about keeping things simple, wholesome, beautiful, delicious, and nutritious. Most recently I’ve poured all my love of wholesome baking and raw dessert crafting into my book Unconventional Treats, where I share everything you need to know about crafting the most beautiful desserts, along with over 150 recipes (most of which are raw or near raw) to play around with. Today I’m sharing one of the recipes from the book here with you — my Guava Passion Fruit Cheesecake.


This raw cheesecake is like a tropical summer party for your palate. It’s light and refreshing with its beautiful exotic fruity accents — a great way to enjoy these two fruits when they’re in season.

x Audrey

P.S. If you like this cake and want more, or if you want to support the art of raw and wholesome dessert crafting, be sure to have a look at Unconventional Treats, where you’ll find plenty more!





1 1/4 cups almonds
6 soft medjool dates, pitted 1 tbsp agave
1 tbsp coconut oil, liquefied


1 1/2 cups raw cashews, pre-soaked and strained
5 tbsp coconut oil, liquefied
6 tbsp agave
6 tbsp lemon juice
1 cup de-seeded guava fruit
pulp from 2 passion fruits
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt


edible dried rose petals, lavender, and jasmine flowers


Process all crust ingredients into a sticky crumble in a food processor. Transfer into a 7” removable bottom tart pan (or 6” springform pan) and press down into a crust, slightly going up the edges all around to seal the base. Blend all cheesecake layer ingredients together into a smooth mixture in a high speed blender. Pour this mixture over the crust. Sprinkle with dried flowers. freeze for 6 hours or overnight. Enjoy! Store leftovers in the freezer. Thaw out on the counter a little for a creamier texture.

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