Fair Tuesday B2G1 Rawmio Special + the Importance of Fair Trade Cacao

Blog - The Importance of Fair Trade Cacao

Theobroma Cacao – image credit: Evert Jan – Wikipedia Commons


Do you have a special place in your heart for chocolate? If so, you are in very good company. Chocolate is a multi-billion dollar global industry, and as the health benefits of dark chocolate (think antioxidants and heart-healthy flavonols) get more mainstream attention, consumer demand is growing at an unprecedented rate. While most people consume chocolate without thinking twice about the industry that they are supporting, that innocent looking bar of chocolate may in fact have a (very) dirty little secret.

In recent years, several organizations, human rights activists, and members of the press have exposed the widespread, and industry-accepted use of child labor, human trafficking, and even slavery within the cacao, or cocoa, industry. Head to RawGuru.com’s latest blog HERE to learn more about the Ethics of Chocolate and Why Fair Trade is Where It’s At.

The cacao used within all of the stone ground, handcrafted raw chocolate products on RawGuru.com comes from fairly-traded and certified organic farms in Peru, where your purchasing dollars help to directly support a better, safer, and more stable quality of life for those that are growing and harvesting this sacred food. Ready to take a stand against the unethical labor and trade practices within the chocolate industry, and vote with your dollars? please visit Food is Power’s list of ethical, fairly traded chocolate. You’ll notice that RawGuru’s Rawmio brand is included!

Consider going FAIR TRADE this holiday shopping season. For gift ideas and more inspiration please visit our friends at Fair Tuesday, an ethical shopping movement started in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to feature fair trade, ethical, and eco-friendly brands.

Blog - Fair Tuesday and the Importance of Fair Trade Cacao
Head to RawGuru.com NOW and enjoy our Cyber Monday/Fair Tuesday special: purchase ANY 2 Rawmio products (spreads, barks, chocolate covered treats, or truffle cakes) and receive a 3rd completely FREE. Keen on a specific flavor? Simply leave a note in the customer notes section and they’ll make sure you get exactly what you want. Offer good from 11/27-12/1. Shop Rawmio HERE!

Link: http://www.rawguru.com/store/rawmio-raw-chocolate/

Have a happy, healthy, and fairly traded holiday season!

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