Eva Hajkova

Eva is a Public Health Professional as well as a passionate raw foodist mum of two beautiful kids.

Eva and her husband decided to change their lifestyle in 2012 when Eva returned from a life changing Ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador and got pregnant with her second child.

After giving an orgasmic home birth to their beautiful son in a magical year of 2012, everything changed. Eva and her family decided to move from London to Australia, they became high raw foodists, quit their jobs to be with their little children and enjoy a proper family lifestyle.

As a passionate raw foodist and Public Health Professional, Eva currently provides raw food consultancy services and runs virtual raw food classes and workshops. Eva’s main focus is on children and how to incorporate more raw food into their daily diet (Raw Food Parenting), ensuring all important nutrients are covered. Eva works with families and children of all ages. Eva also writes e-books and e-brochures on these topics.