Moderate Vegan Recipes

Browse through moderate vegan recipes. Learn how to make fancy vegetarian creations that will impress and nourish everybody.

High Raw Cheeze Crackers with Peanut Butter

crackersonplate800px (1)

Anyone have a memory from childhood of those bright orange crackers filled with sweet peanut butter? It’s okay, you can fess up – no judgement here. As a grown-up, maybe you’ve gone as far as to pick up a packet to check out the actual ingredients. Talk about a fright! This raw homemade version is […]

Healthy Raw Caramel Slices


Is it possible to make healthy caramel slices that are also out of this world delicious? YES! While these caramel slices contain natural sugars, fats and calories, they are FREE of all processed and refined sugars as well as gluten and dairy. Instead of using flour for the base, nuts and coconut flour take over to create a […]

Choc Mint Raw Vegan Cheesecake


This luscious raw cheesecake draws it’s minty-fresh flavor from real peppermint essential oil; it completely compliments the richness of the raw cacao. In terms of essential oils, you get what you pay for, so use something high quality, organic, and food-grade such as the doTERRA range. These oils are incredible!! Aside from sheer deliciousness, this […]

Raw Caramel Apple Cheesecake


Biting into this cheesecake is like a taste of autumn on a cloud.  So delicious and so balanced; sweet and a little tart, gooey, smooth and crunchy.  It’s like cheesecake had a baby with a caramel apple streusel. Could life be any more delicious? We’ll let you decide…  

Raw Salted Caramel Freezer Pops

IMG_3573- 1

What’s not to love about salted caramel peanut butter ice cream, a dark chocolate shell and crunchy bits of nuts, buckwheat, and crushed rose petal?! These frozen delicacies look incredibly decadent but are actually made with good-for-you ingredients, are pretty easy to make, and don’t require any fancy equipment aside from a blender and a […]

Blueberry, Macqui and White Chocolate Cheesecakes


Heaven truly does exist on Earth, at least while eating a slice of this incredible dual layered, superfood-infused raw vegan cheesecake. Blueberry and maqui berry, a richly-pigmented super berry native to the Patagonia region of Chile, are responsible for this recipe’s strikingly beautiful color show and potent punch of antioxidants, phytonutrition and Vitamin C. Enjoy!  

Raw Ice Cream Sandwiches


This recipe was made with a Yonanas machine – a very clever kitchen appliance that turns frozen fruit into delicious soft serve ice cream!  The raw cookies are gluten-free and are made from a base of almonds, buckwheat, and coconut. They are flavoured with a little maple syrup and lemon zest and juice. Then, you […]

Summery Triple Layered Cake Bites


Celebrate the sweetness of summer with these delicious, aromatic, and eye-catching triple layered cake bites. These coconut cream-based bites combine 3 of summer’s favorites – mint, mango, and berries – for a healthy treat that will perfectly compliment a laid back summer’s day.    

Raw Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie

lemon meringue pie2 copy-1

Lemon meringue pie is very unique with its delicate and silky-smooth consistency. Generally speaking, raw pies and cakes can achieve the creaminess factory without much effort (hello cashews and coconut!) however, the texture is often very dense and rich. The secret to this raw vegan lemon merinque pie lies in irish moss, a sea vegetable […]