Raw Food Tea Recipes

Take a glance at some of our super food tea recipes provided by many of the best raw food chefs in the field.

Spiced Matcha Latte


Creamy and sweet Matcha Latte, made with almond milk and cinnamon, is a great way to change up your coffee ritual to one of less caffeine but with longer lasting energy effects.

Hibiscus Ginger Latte

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Hibiscus is a powerful tropical flower with a long list of health benefits (anti-inflammatory, digestive aid, metabolism-boosting, helps with cholesterol level and blood pressure maintenance). It also happens to produce the most brilliant, ruby red-colored tea with a prominent tart flavor. In this warming recipe the creaminess of the almond milk helps offset the harshness […]

Matcha Latte with Coconut and Almond


If you’re looking for a big, warm hug (only in the form of something you can hold between to your hands and sip on…) then you’ve come to the right place. Not only is this recipe ultra comforting, matcha is full of healthy antioxidants that will help you maintain a glow this winter despite icy […]

Goji Tea with Baobab


This mix of nutritionally dense goji berries, alkalizing lemon, anti-inflammatory turmeric and raw honey is sure to give your immunity a good boost. The flavor of the tea is bright, much like its color, and will have a warming effect.

Matcha Latte


It’s officially fall which mean it’s time to jump start that daily matcha latte habit. Matcha is great for supporting a healthy immune system, as it is rich in catechin, an antioxidant that functions specifically in boosting immune health. But don’t think that this latte is all about the matcha.  It contains turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties, […]

Chaga Mushroom Elixir

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This energy boosting elixir, made with chaga mushrooms is great as an alternative to coffee and is perfect for helping look after the endocrine system and supporting a healthy immune system.

Matcha Green Tea Limeades


So refreshing for a hot Summer day! Make a batch and serve it at your next backyard barbecue or picnic!

Warm Hazelnut Drink with Cinnamon and Vanilla


One can never have too many hot drinks this time of year! Nothing warms the belly and comforts the soul quite like sipping on something warm, creamy, sweet, and perfectly spiced. This recipe is very simple and doesn’t even require you make a batch of nut milk before hand. Raw hazelnut butter is used as […]

Cacao Cappuccino

Mug With Hot Chocolate

Start your morning with an equal parts balancing and energizing tea-based cacao elixir infused with powerfully healing ancient tonic herbs. Hot tea blends with flavonol and magnesium-rich cacao to energize, comfort and uplift while potent adaptogenic herbs including reishi, astragulus, he shou wu and schizandra help support the body in a myriad of ways. Replace your […]

Ayurvedic Spring Detox Tea

Ayurvedic Spring Detox Tea

Both ginger and turmeric are rhizomes and have been lauded for thousands of years in Ayurveda for their medicinal and culinary properties. Turmeric and ginger, both highly rich in antioxidants work synergistically to strengthen the digestive agni and increase the metabolism. This is a strong and potent spring time tonic!