Healthy Raw Juice Recipes

Take a look at many of our favorite raw juice recipes for cleansing and rebuilding the body.

Watermelon Zing

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Yes! Watermelon has a lot of natural sugars in it, but.. don’t fear fruit because of it’s sugars! Fruit is your friend! Eaten with a correct diet, fruits are incredible and can enhance your health.  This drink is incredibly hydrating, cleansing and, energizing.

Blackberry Basil Ginger Smoothie


This smoothie tastes wonderful.  It is rich in antioxidants from the berries, and the ginger is anti inflammatory.  So not only is it refreshing and wonderful tasting, it is good after a workout for soreness.

Spicy Watermelon and Cayenne Detox Juice


Just spicy enough to notice the heat, sweet enough to make you smile (with NO added sugar – just the natural juicy sweet goodness of watermelon!), ultra refreshing, and Mmm mmm good to the very last drop. Cool off this summer with this delicious and seriously healthy (and easy!) cleansing juice recipe!

Strawberry “Mojito” Slushie


This strawberry lime slushy makes a delicious and refreshing snack or breakfast. Keep this recipe handy for the next heat wave!

Breakfast in a Jar (orange caramel muesli)


For those times, when you crave something to chew on in the morning; for those times, when you need a quick to go breakfast/lunch and for those times, when you want to make someone a very special morning, this BREAKFAST IN A JAR is the answer. It’s relatively low in fat (only some healthy fats […]

Matcha Mint Meets Raspberry Smoothie


Who doesn’t love a healthy, guilt-free Rawsome smoothie?! Try this Matcha Mint and Raspberry Smoothie Combo by Heidi Turunen of Rawlicious Delicious. Although this is not just an ordinary smoothie, it’s creamy banana ice-cream blended with healthy matcha green tea powder and fresh mint and frozen raspberries and fresh young thai coconut. So much goodness […]

Beet and Celery Juice

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Say hello to a happy and healthy liver and bloodstream! This juice recipe, with its highly detoxifying and fortifying combination of beet, celery and lemon, will make you feel like you’ve just given the organs of your body a tangible boost of health and vitality. All 3 ingredients are great for the skin as well, […]

Apple Carrot Lime Juice


Monday calls for a tall glass of cold pressed juice – wouldn’t you agree? There is something about this particular combo that is just so refreshing and energizing – like liquid sunshine and energy. You will definitely feel a pep in your step after chugging down a glass of your own. Enjoy!

Pink Lady Juice

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With its dynamic combo of citrus, root vegetables, cucumber, bell pepper (yep!), pineapple and crisp pink lady apple, this juice recipe is most definitely for the adventurous of spirit (meaning YOU). Give it a try and reap the rewards of easily-absorbed vitamins and minerals, clean burning energy, and thirst-quenching hydration.  

Daily Green Juice


Creating your own juice blends can take a bit of practice and experimentation. The more you juice the more you’ll discover which ingredients just do it for you. For Jenné Claiborne of  Sweet Potato Soul those make-it-or-break-its are the following: ginger, lemon/lime, cucumber, and fennel. Make this cleansing and alkalinizing green juice blend a part of […]