Raw Chocolate Recipes

Enjoy some of the best vegan raw chocolate recipes on the internet. Raw Chocolate is high in antioxidants and magnesium.

Raw Carob Chocolate


Do you go weak in the knees for that classic combination of melty chocolate with a crispy crunch? If so you will love this recipe! It’s a little different in that it doesn’t actually contain any cacao (the base ingredient for all chocolate), but rather carob, a sweet and malty legume that is free of […]

Raw Cranberry Pecan Truffles


It’s the season for pecans and cranberries, and these chocolate truffles would make lovely holiday gifts. You could also, of course, make a batch for yourself, because you deserve to enjoy delicious things and feel special. These are easy to make, so no excuses not to try them!

Raw Hazelnut Fig Cacao Truffles


Something universal happens this time of year, and it’s called chocolate cravings. If you find yourself in that boat indulge your sweet tooth while also nourishing your body with these easy raw truffles featuring a simple array of 100% healthy ingredients: dried figs, medjool dates, raw hazelnuts, raw cacao, and sea salt. No excuse not […]

Raw Matcha Truffles


These decadent chocolate truffles contain only 6 ingredients in total and are whipped up in no time at all. And they’re awash with superfood benefits! Not only do they contain a hit of antioxidant-rich raw cacao, they clearly contain a nice dose of matcha green tea – which deserves a little extra recognition. Unlike normal […]

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Caramel Cups


While the Halloween classic of chocolate peanut butter cups is all fine and well, if you are looking for something a little different, and you happen to love caramel and pumpkin pie, test out these little cups of deliciousness this year! We promise you will not regret it.  

Nutty Chocolate Bark

Nutty-Chocolate-Bark-2-of-6 (1)

This Nutty Chocolate Bark is pretty much the easiest thing you’ll ever make and is just like a candy bar… but WAY BETTER. Rawmio‘s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is the main ingredient in this Nutty Chocolate Bark: a rich and creamy chocolate hazelnut spread that’s literally JUST hazelnuts, cacao nibs, and coconut sugar – all organically […]

Raw Salted Caramel Freezer Pops

IMG_3573- 1

What’s not to love about salted caramel peanut butter ice cream, a dark chocolate shell and crunchy bits of nuts, buckwheat, and crushed rose petal?! These frozen delicacies look incredibly decadent but are actually made with good-for-you ingredients, are pretty easy to make, and don’t require any fancy equipment aside from a blender and a […]

Raw Caramel Peanut Clusters

Peanut-Caramel-Clusters-1 (1)

Food doesn’t always have to look like a show stopper in order to taste absolutely amazing. Case in point with these Raw Caramel Peanut Clusters. Raw peanuts chopped into bits mixed with vegan salted caramel, dipped in dark chocolate. Gooey, messy, and lumpy never tasted so good! (but really, these don’t even look that bad…) […]

Matcha Cashew Cups


The love affair continues with a superfood who has been winning the internet for a while now: MATCHA. If you haven’t yet tried pairing matcha with raw chocolate now is the time  – you may discover that its all you really need in life. One of the greatest things about these cups, is that they only […]

Raw Brownie Truffles


Raw + vegan + super-duper-easy. If you could package these babies up with that tagline and sell ’em like hotcakes you’d make a fortune! Seriously, these are SO GOOD.