Coconut Fruit Squares

By Chef: Erin Bosdet
Posted: August 30, 2013


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One of the most beautiful aspects of creating food using only pure, raw ingredients is the amazing flavors and textures you can make with such few ingredients. These creamy, sweet, semi frozen coconut fruit squares by Erin Bosdet of Simply Dish are a fine example of this! Get creative with the fruit aspect and use your favorite! Mango and raspberry works well but try apricot, nectarine, peaches, blackberries or blueberries too.



Put the first three ingredients into a food processor and process for a minute or two.

Add the fruit in after everything else has been combined. Process again for a few seconds.

Today we split the mixture in half and added mango to one half and raspberries to the other.

Press all of this goodness into a  parchment lined loaf pan and place in the freezer for about thirty minutes… you want the coconut to be firm enough to slice and still hold its shape.