Cinnamon-Spiked Blueberry Pear Juice

By Chef: Selene Vakharia
Posted: October 9, 2012


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I have finally signed up for a weekly CSA box and have been getting insanely delicious organic pears. Really, I never ate pears before because there was always such a high likelihood of them being all mealy and not that great. This organic, local food box has changed my life when it comes to fruit, and especially my opinion on pears! Bosc, bartlett, the other random type they’ve sent me…wow! Insanely juicy and sweet, and with an amazing texture! Looking for more ways to enjoy them, I started to experiment with making a juice. Well, really more of a blended fruit drink as fiber is one of my fave characteristics of fruit and I’m not about to give that away to a juicer!  I also love that you can blend up the skin of the fruit, adding even more of a nutritional punch to this delicious and refreshing drink.

Yield: 1 Jar


  • 1 large pear (any kind), excluding the core
  • 1 medium apple, excluding the core
  • 1/2c blueberries (I used frozen wild blueberries since it’s not quite berry season here)
  • 2tsp cinnamon
  • water to desired consistency


throw everything in your vitamix and blend, blend, blend.