Zesty Kale Cucumber Caesar Salad

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For those days when you need a lazy go-to salad recipe. AKA everyday at lunch, basically.  This crunchy mix is super fresh, light and zesty with a creamy (but healthy) dressing. With a base of hemp seeds (they add the perfect creaminess when blended up) fresh lemon, dijon, garlic and a handful of other ingredients – you […]

Raw Spicy Zoodle Bowl


Looking for a light meal that’s also filling? Try this Zoodle recipe for a healthy and nutritious meal. Alongside zoodles, we have carrot noodles, red bell pepper slices, red cabbage strips, celery, corn, sesame seeds, cilantro and a sweetly spicy dressing that has the perfect flavor with just the right amount of spice!

Spicy Watermelon and Cayenne Detox Juice


Just spicy enough to notice the heat, sweet enough to make you smile (with NO added sugar – just the natural juicy sweet goodness of watermelon!), ultra refreshing, and Mmm mmm good to the very last drop. Cool off this summer with this delicious and seriously healthy (and easy!) cleansing juice recipe!

Super Smoothie Bowl


Pouring your smoothie into a bowl rather than a mason jar or cup feels wrong, but it’s so right. Just a new way of thinking that your smoothie is a meal rather than a drink. Savor the sweetness in every spoonful from your bowl. Perfection in a bowl!

Basil Cucumber Salad

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Make this refreshingly light and delicious basil cucumber salad a part of your plant based menu tonight! Try adding some chickpeas, hemp hearts, avocado, or sunflower seeds for a little extra plant protein.  

Green Detox Smoothie


Taking a trip somewhere warm and sunny this spring break? If a swim suit is in your near future do not distress, there are tangible things that you can start doing NOW to help beat the bloat and get that tummy in tip top bikini-ready shape whether it’s for spring break or summer ahead. For […]

Chewy Rawnola


Granola turned into chewy Rawnola. So sweet and seriously addicting. Who doesn’t want to take a bite into this addictive recipe? Minus the guilt of the usual oil, sweeteners, and nuts, you’ll surely feel bliss with one bite.