Raw Zucchini Chips

raw food recipe zucchini chips 6-1

Zucchini chips are an awesome/tasty alternative to convention chips, which have few nutrients and are laden with fat and salt. Zucchini season is best in mid summer, because it’s a warm weather plant. Even so, zucchini can be found at most groceries through most of the year. Look for firm and glossy fruit with no marks […]

Green Salad with Creamy Turmeric Dressing

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When it comes to enjoying greens every day, and making salads a main staple in your diet, it’s alllllll about the dressing and toppings. Spruce your green salad up today with this creamy tahini-based tangy-sweet turmeric dressing loaded with yummy flavor.

Spring Noodles

spring noodles rawon10 raw food entree 1

Many people used to think breaded and fried was the only way to eat zucchini. Now,this is totally into raw zucchini noodles. They’re so easy to make and have a wonderful but mild flavor of their own, so they work well with just about everything.  Enjoy!

Chocolate Raspberry Tart

dessert chocolate raspberry tart raw vegan recipe 2

Chocolate and raspberry might just be the perfect combination for a cracking tart dish, perfect for pudding or just a spot of afternoon tea. You get the rich, smooth wave of chocolate that coats your mouth, followed by a bright, sprightly kick from a bite of fresh raspberry. Decadent and delicious, this gorgeously chocolaty tart gets a […]

Strawberry Cauliflower Salad

strawberry cauliflower salad raw vegan rawon10

This salad is a bit on the sweet side but it’s perfect for breakfast. The nutrition in here is just off the charts, especially with the cauliflower rounding it out. Lots of vitamin C, vitamin K, etc. A few chopped almonds on top would be nice, too.

Raw Romaine Wrap Ups


In terms of real, clean fast food it doesn’t get much easier, much quicker, and more delicious than a raw romaine wrap complete with fresh veggies, avocado, and a sweet mustard sauce. These make a great snack on the fly and can be done a variety of ways depending on your taste buds and what […]

Kale and Strawberry Breakfast Bowl

breakfast bowl 3 8x10 (1)

Almost too pretty to eat, however, you wont be able to resist digging in right away! This is technically a breakfast bowl but it also makes a great snack, or heck, even lunch or dinner if you’re in the mood for something fruity and sweet. With the amount of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, healthy efa’s, amino […]