Raw Buttery Popcorn


These little cauliflower cheesy popcorn bites are fun, and once they’re really dried out they won’t even taste like cauliflower at all. These are cauliflower cheesy popcorn craziness that explode in your mouth with fabulous popcorn and cheesy and buttery flavor. Enjoy!

Raw Cashew Milk


Try this sweet raw cashew milk instead of your usual milk on cereal. No straining required! Drink this delicious raw cashew milk recipe and experience heavenly bliss! Your raw cashew milk can be drunk straight, or served as a milk substitute in cereals and other recipes. Enjoy!

Raw Red Pepper Soup


This recipe is super simple and requires only a blender to make.It’s also very quick to pull together if you have two red peppers in the fridge, as well as some cashews in the cupboard. By the way, red bell peppers are sweet. So do not use green bell peppers for this recipe since they aren’t […]

Raw Brownie Recipe


This raw brownie recipe is one of the most popular recipes, probably because it is so easy and turns out so well. Walnuts, dates, coconut, cacao and salt combine in a food processor to create a surprisingly delicious traditional-style brownie. Top with chocolate icing for even more chocolate goodness! Enjoy!

Raw Walnut Pate


Have a batch of this raw walnut pate recipe on hand and your tastebuds will thank you. Smooth and salty, it tastes divine paired with cucumber rounds. It has a very savory flavor. It keeps in the fridge very well–if this pate lasts long enough! Enjoy!

Raw Cheesecake


This raw cheesecake recipe is very rich, so it can serve, like, 20 people or something crazy like that!  Plus, it’s actually not that hard to make. Seriously. This raw cheesecake recipe just takes three easy steps. Enjoy!

Raw red pepper soup recipe

Raw red pepper soup recipe

Here is very delicious, simple and quick recipe of Raw red pepper soup. Bell peppers contain very high amounts of vitamin C and Vitamin A. One cup of raw, red bell peppers supplies roughly 290 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C and 105 percent of the RDA for vitamin A. Bell peppers […]