Spicy Tamari Coconut Meat Jerky Recipe


Young coconuts are known for their wonderful, healthy, sweet, electrolyte water. We hear so much about the coconut water but what about the leftover “meat” (or flesh) inside there? Coconut bacon is a great option! Think beef jerky meets coconut. A  little liquid smoke and some red chili peppers adds a peppy flair and the […]

Mint and Ginger Pesto Over Kelp Noodles


This recipe is bursting with flavor and freshness! Softened kelp noodles do an amazing job of soaking up the delicious flavors within this mint and ginger pesto sauce. While most pestos tend to be heavy and oily, this is a much lighter variation with an Asian flavor influence. Enjoy!        

Tahini Cardamon Protein Balls

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While protein on a plant based diet isn’t lacking per say, depending on your protein needs, you might have to get a little creative with your recipes in order to sneak in more of this critical nutrient. Protein balls can be easy, convenient, and totally delicious! Start here with these Tahini Cardamon Protein Balls  – […]

Probiotic-Infused Coconut Yogurt


If you’ve tried coconut yogurt from the supermarket only to be left disappointed at best, or disgusted at worst, try this homemade version before you swear to never partake again. You’ll see why some people swear by it. Your kids will even like it, and shhh, they don’t even have to know it’s made from […]

Just Banana Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Just Banana Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Today we decided to make ice cream out of bananas. That’s right! Just raw ripe bananas.To give it a little bit more of an “ice cream” feel, we added a vanilla bean as well. No added sweeteners.No added creams or milks. Just Bananas.

Butternut Squash Avocado Kale Smoothie

Butternut Squash Avocado Kale Smoothie

Juli Novotny blogged on Puremamas, “This is a GREAT drink for kids. The reason I say it makes me happy this week is because my son and both my nieces couldn’t get enough! Fruits and veggies and healthy fats all blended up into an amazing drink!”

Kale Caesar Salad

Kale Caesar Salad

Big thanks to the salad recipe maker- Juli Novotny’s mother! She whipped up something super healthy & super delicious. Everyone has to try caesar salad atleast once in their life, so if you haven’t gotten around to a good tasting caesar…may we say this is a hands down ruler.