Raw Chocolate Cupcakes with “buttercream” frosting


Chocolate, or cacao, always makes a recipe turn out well, and you can pair it with almost everything.. The cupcakes are practically just regular raw brownies. The frosting is a rich chocolate ‘butter’cream. The only sweetener used in this recipe is dates, yet they feel and taste just as naughty as “regular” unhealthy cupcakes. But […]

Raw Lemon Cheesecake

raw cheesecake

This Raw Lemon Cheesecake by Chef Iselin Stoylen will definitely leave you asking for more! Who could ever resist this tempting goodness in during a gray day? Make your tummy happy with this raw recipe in few easy steps!

Liquorice Brownies with Chocolate Drizzle and Kiwi


Try to combine raw brownies and raw liquorice powder, and what will you have? A super yummy treat that awakens your tastebuds! Topped with kiwi fruits, raw chocolate chunks, and chocolate sauce, raw food chef Iselin Yosen of the Uncooked Vegan Kitchen shares this delightful recipe that will definitely left you asking for more!

Frozen Raspberry Vanilla Cream Cake


You may not believe how simple it is to make this layered raspberry vanilla cream cake; there are only 6, yes, 6 plant-based raw vegan ingredients. Gluten-free, refined sweetener-free, dairy-free, and healthy for your beautiful body, you can’t beat that!

Banana Ice Cream with “Marzipan” Swirl


Frozen banana ice cream swirled with raw almond butter and a dash of coconut sugar – this is definitely one of life’s simple pleasures. There is no excuse not to make this recipe – it is SO easy. If you’ve got children who ask for ice cream this makes for an amazingly well-received alternative that […]

Cacao Almond Nana Ice Cream


A healthy dessert recipe destined to become a tried and true favorite: raw, vegan soft serve ice cream made with a base of frozen banana, almond butter, and raw cacao with fresh berries, chocolate chunks, and coconut palm sugar to garnish. It may be time to call up Ben and Jerry and call it quits.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies


When life calls for a cookie and a tall glass of (nut) milk, make it a raw, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and paleo-friendly cookie with an extra emphasis on the chocolate. Who could refuse an actually-healthy-for-you chocolate chunk cookie with a raw chocolate drizzle? Nobody.

Raw Chocolate Caramel Bars


A completely scrumptious and gooey 4 part layered treat with a raw chocolate brownie crust, cashew vanilla cream, salty-caramel spread and pure raw chocolate for the perfect finishing touch. Enjoy!