Low-Sugar Coconut Crunch Bark

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If your day is just not complete without something sweet and crunchy to round it out, then this recipe is a great option for you. It’s high in nutrition yet extremely low glycemic. Enjoy!  Feel free to mix and match ingredients to tailor it to your preferences.  

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Protein Shake


Embrace this new month, and the magic of the autumn season ahead, with a protein-filled apple cinnamon shake. After-all, you need to fuel up before you get outside and enjoy the beauty around you. A sugar-free recipe that will totally hit the spot.  

Apple Cinnamon Bars with Coconut Vanilla Frosting


Even though they look decadent, these bars are  a great afternoon energy boost or post workout snack. That’s the beauty of raw desserts. With the protein from the nuts, healthy fat from the nuts and coconut, and carbs from the dried fruit, these are truly filling, satisfying, AND nourishing.  

Carob Crunch Cups


The great thing about this sweet snack is that its sugar-free. The natural sweetness of the carob combined with a bit of lucuma and coconut do the trick at sweetening the cups without adding anything else. Enjoy!

Easy Raw Vegan Nachos


Who doesn’t like nachos?! And even if you don’t eat them anymore, I’m sure you enjoyed them once upon a time.  Here’s a very quick and easy raw vegan nacho recipe that you can pull together in just minutes. No complicated “chip” recipe that requires a dehydrator. However, if you want to make them with raw […]

Blueberry Lime Mango Parfaits


This dessert’s sweetness relies mostly on the natural sweetness of the fruit, with a touch of maple syrup and a splash of stevia. Make sure to use really ripe, juicy, sweet mango for this. For an added nutrition boost, sprinkle spirulina crunchies into the parfait.

Pistachio Matcha Cheesecake


A beautiful pistachio cheesecake creation infused with green tea powder, known as matcha, set upon a nutty hunza raisin crust – all topped with a dark chocolate drizzle and more crunchy pistachios. Enter into antioxidant-rich heaven with each creamy bite.    

Coconut Vanilla Almond Chocolates

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There’s a reason why every holiday seems to include chocolate in the mix – chocolate is always in season and will never go out of style. Lucky for those of us hip to the benefits of RAW chocolate we get to enjoy it guilt-free! A simple raw chocolate shell with creamy coconut vanilla almond butter […]

Raw Strawberry Macaroons

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The flavors of succulent strawberry, creamy coconut and sweet vanilla combine in this raw, vegan, and low-sugar version of a classic macaroon cookie – perfect for springtime ahead! Wondering how to achieve that pretty in pink pop of color without the use of food dye? The secret lies in natural beet root powder – it […]

Raspberry Chocolate Brownies


Looking to seriously win someones heart this Valentine’s Day? Here is the trick: raw vegan brownies with layers of chocolate and raspberry cream. Did we mention they’re also refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and grain-free? There is not a single soul who could resist that combination!