Sunshine Juice

How-I-Deal-With-Bad-Tummy-Days-5-Tips-to-Try-The-Soulful-Spoon-Heather-McClees (1)

A naturally sweet and low-glycemic raw, veggie juice that’s packed with ingredients to boost your mood, heart health, improve your blood pressure, and ensure optimal digestion of nutrients!

Raw Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal


A 100% raw oatmeal that has no sugar, dairy, or artificial ingredients. Featuring raw flax, coconut, apple, apple pie spice, unsweetened cranberries, raw oats, and water, this oatmeal is light, yet also filling, and it’s wonderful for digestion and health.    

Raw Beauty Bites


These bites are naturally sweet, packed with fiber, and they contain vitamins, minerals and even plant-based protein! Featuring healthy fats from coconut and hemp, antioxidants and minerals from raw cacao, and hormone-boosting properties from figs that also provide a vanilla-caramel flavor, these bites are a win-win for any woman who wants a guilt-free healthy treat! […]

Smoothie Bowl with Cupuacu

smoothie bowl

Have you heard of cupuacu? Well, if you haven’t, hear this out! It’s a family of the cacao fruit but contains no natural caffeine like cacao. It is rich in so many antioxidants, it may possibly be higher in benefits than many superfoods we know and love today. So here’s a wonderful breakfast recipe by Heather […]

Almond Butter Cup Pink Raspberry Superfood Smoothie

Pink Smoothie Cacao-1

Did you know that by soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds they become easier for your body to digest? Most nut butters, even if raw and organic, have not gone through the process of soaking and germination, making Dastony brand very unique in that way. This smoothie makes the perfect base to showcase Dastony’s special […]

Calming Lemon Ginger Green Smoothie

Calming Ginger and Lemon Green Smoothie

Lighten up today with this refreshing and easy-to-digest green smoothie by Heather McClees. This recipe is very low glycemic and packs in a solid dose of trace minerals, chlorophyll, and gentle plant fibers to help cleanse the digestive tract. Lemon and ginger help soothe digestion while also giving a little love to the immune system. […]

Raw Beauty Protein Bites (or Bar)

banana choc pb truffles

When you eat real food in its whole and unprocessed form there is no need to fuss over things like calories and fat grams. These little tasty beauty protein bites take only 5 minutes to throw together and can serve as a simple and delicious alternative to protein bars you may be buying at the […]