Raw Vegan Brownie Bites

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When you start to experiment with raw desserts, one thing you’ll likely notice is that one single technique and combination of ingredients (ie nuts, dried fruit, seasonings) can serve as a base for many different things ranging from pie crusts, crumble toppings, snack bars, snack balls–whatever you want, really. Add a little raw cacao to […]

Anti-Inflammatory Berry, Watermelon, and Ginger Smoothie

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This smoothie is sort of a hybrid between creamy and thick and frosty and fruity. It’s got the look and taste of a frosty, summery concoction, but the addition of chia seeds and avocado give it hints of creaminess and a thick texture. It’s a perfect light breakfast or a refreshing afternoon snack option. And […]

Banana, Pear, Avocado and Hempseed Smoothie


If you’re craving greens but can’t decide between a tall glass of fortifying and refreshing green juice, or a dense and satisfying green smoothie, this recipe may be just the ticket. Banana and pear combine with avocado to build a creamy, rich foundation for this smoothie, while lemon juice, parsley, and tender micro greens give […]

Peaches with Vanilla Ginger Cashew Cream and Pistachios


This elegant raw dessert is really all about the vanilla ginger cashew cream. Gena Hemshaw created this recipe during summer time when peaches were in full seasonal glory, but it could easily be done with a variety of seasonal fruits with excellent results. Try pears, apples, berries, pomegranate, pineapple, citrus…you get the idea. The recipe […]

Choosing Raw Pizza with Quinoa Buckwheat Crust and Guacamole


This is Gena Hemshaw’s delicious spin an absolute classic and irrefutable comfort food: pizza. This recipe takes a little forethought as both the buckwheat and quinoa in the crust need to be soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated before hand. The recipe itself will come together very easily and you’ll be delighted by the results! If you’re […]

Cauliflower Rice Nicoise

Cauliflower Rice Nicoise

A tasty, light and absolutely refreshing side dish by Gena Hemshaw of Choosing Raw. If you avoid gluten but miss making cooked grain dishes you can easily sub in cauliflower for a gluten-free and raw alternative. A simple pulse or two in the food processor will break down your cauliflower florets into a consistency that […]