A Good Green Smoothie


For anyone whose ever drank a green smoothie, we think it’s safe to say some recipes are  just. not. good. This recipe however is NOT that. An actually-tasty green smoothie recipe with an eclectic mix of ingredients you might not otherwise think to put together. But it works. It’s good. We promise.

Raw Deep Dish Caramel Apple Pie


This pie is DELICIOUS. It’s sweet, decadent, cinnamon-y and made with 100% good-for-you ingredients including a lineup of nuts, oats, chai spices, fresh apples and dried fruit. Enjoy a solo slice or pair it up with some coconut vanilla ice cream for true bliss.    

Turmeric Smoothie


This is NOT your average smoothie recipe – this is more like pure medicine (only delicious!). If you’re feeling under the weather and want to amp up that immune system try this unexpected combination of turmeric, black pepper, coconut milk and fresh fruit.

Vanilla + Coffee Cream Tart


Coffee! Vanilla! Tart! This is a creamy, sweet, surprisingly light and unsurprisingly delicious recipe. When you keep your ingredients in their raw state you maintain all of the fab health benefits of nutrient powerhouses like nuts, seeds, and fruits. Raw desserts aren’t your typical dessert made for pleasure only – they’re REAL, nourishing food. Enjoy!     […]

Double Chocolate Brownies


Double. Chocolate. Brownies. We don’t really feel that these need much more explanation, however, if you do need a little push to make them, they also happen to be raw, gluten free and refined sugar free! Whip up a batch and enjoy 1 or two with a cold glass of plant based milk. You deserve […]

Blueberry Hemp Smoothie


This completely delicious dark purple blueberry hemp smoothie has a little secret: it contains a sneaky, perfectly camouflaged dose of Popeye’s favorite veggie: mineral- rich SPINACH

Raw Vegan Egg Nog


It’s a completely profound type of magic when you see your old favorites morphing into wonderfully vegan, raw versions of themselves. Egg nog is a holiday favorite, and just because your raw or vegan (or simply eating healthy) does NOT mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy it. Everyone will rejoice in this animal-free version […]

A Nice Green Smoothie with Mint and Turmeric


If you’re looking for something refreshing, yummy and green, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect recipe. Warming ginger and turmeric team up with cooling mint to delight the taste buds with flavor, while offering the body a potent anti-inflammatory boost. This green dream also packs in a nice dose of iron from spinach and zinc from […]