Raw Raspberry Marzipan Truffles


This flavor combination is absolutely heavenly. A raw marzipan filling flavored with flecks of freeze dried raspberries, covered in a perfect glaze of raw chocolate bliss. If you’re in a bit of a funk, these will surely uplift your mood.  

Vegan Raspberry Oat Energy Bites


One thing that anyone leading a busy lifestyle needs on hand at all times are healthy and quick snack options. This recipe is delicious and comes together ridiculously fast with a quick blitz in the food processor. A great, energy and nutrient rich treat for children too with plenty of healthy fats and protein, even […]

Raw Matcha Coconut Cream Pie


So you’ve finally tried a matcha latte and now your hooked?! Join the club. Now it’s time to take your matcha obsession to a whole new level by enjoying that crave-worthy flavor combination (and antioxidant benefits!) in a whole new form: a raw coconut cream PIE. Billows of coconut whipped cream, that subtle hint of […]

Raw Cranberry Pecan Chevre Log

IMG_1763 (1)

This raw chevre is the perfect thing to serve around the Holidays! Buttery raw pecans around the outside give it a nice crunch, while chewy cranberries on the inside add a nice pop of tart and sweet while contributing to a fun variation of texture.  Probiotics and a squeeze of lemon give this recipe that […]

Festive Pomegranate Slaw


It is a simple salad, yet so good.  Shredded red cabbage, pomegranate seeds, scallions, cranberries and parsley in a citrus vinaigrette.  So tasty, and it is actually detoxifying thanks to all of the healthful ingredients. The best part about this besides it tasting good, is how quick it is to make!    

Raw Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Nut Butter


Almonds for sweetness, walnuts for richness and thickness, and pecans for a caramel like flavor – this combination turned out to be just the right trifecta to achieve the perfect base for a cookie dough nut butter. Coconut sugar, vanilla, and raw chocolate chunks were of course a necessary addition. This stuff is addictive. ENJOY!

Raw Rose Pomegranate Dream Cake


If you have never taken in the aroma of rosewater before you are missing out.  It is simply heavenly! In this colorful raw dream cake, pomegranate joins forces with coconut meat, coconut butter, beet root for color, vanilla – and yep – real rosewater, to create a true feast for ALL of the senses to […]

Raw Cranberry Pecan Truffles


It’s the season for pecans and cranberries, and these chocolate truffles would make lovely holiday gifts. You could also, of course, make a batch for yourself, because you deserve to enjoy delicious things and feel special. These are easy to make, so no excuses not to try them!

Raw Hazelnut Fig Cacao Truffles


Something universal happens this time of year, and it’s called chocolate cravings. If you find yourself in that boat indulge your sweet tooth while also nourishing your body with these easy raw truffles featuring a simple array of 100% healthy ingredients: dried figs, medjool dates, raw hazelnuts, raw cacao, and sea salt. No excuse not […]

Raw Pecan Energy Bars


These bars are so tasty!  Like pecan pie, but with actual nutritional properties from whole food ingredients like raw oats, medjool dates, fresh apple, ground flax, chia seeds, sprouted buckwheat, Sprout Living’s Red Clover and Daikon Radish Sprout Mix, and of course – raw pecans.  A great mid-afternoon snack, pre or post-workout energy booster, or […]