Smoked Paprika Chocolate Brownie

Smoked-Paprika-Chocolate-Brownie-with-Caramel-Frosting-feature (1)

There is nothing more satisfying than indulging in a brownie such as this knowing that it is rich in omega 3’s, protein, fiber and energy giving life-forces.   This brownie can made and enjoyed right away or it can be chilled so the caramel has a little more time to stiffen up a bit. Keep […]

Raw Blueberry Grape Lavender Ice Milk


Ice milk is light, flavorful and not as cloying as its richer ice cream. The texture is light and icy, sweet but not over the top, loaded with fresh ripe summer fruits and to round it out with a softness of flavor. Truly, a wonderful combination. Enjoy!

Raw Cranberry Pumpkin Spiced Donuts


These donuts can be enjoyed right away!The cranberries add a wonderful sweet, chewiness to the donut, and the pumpkin spice skids in under the radar offering up a warming flavor note. This recipe is taste wise and health wise!

Yummy Chocolate Mint Fudge


Having healthy raw bars are great to have on hand to fuel your energy levels through out the day. This Raw Chocolate Mint Fudge is delicious, deep in favor, but not so rich that you can’t enjoy it bite after bite. Enjoy!

Raw Homemade Strawberry Banana Crepes


These crepes can appeal to all ages… from kiddos who love to eat them like a fruit leather to adults who can stuff them full of wonderful ingredients. Start by slathering peanut butter on them and then rolling them into a tube. Oh so delicious. For this dessert you can start off by spreading a thick […]

Raw Apricot Hemp Seed Delight Bars


Food is more than just satisfying hunger or cravings, it is even more than just nutrients… it can also feed the soul. So here’s a food for the soul by chef Amie Sue– Raw Apricot Hemp Seed Delight Bars!