The 5 Rules of Food Combining that May Improve Your Digestion // Guest Post from Amanda Brocket of The Raw Food Kitchen


In the mainstream medical community, it seems the jury is still out on whether food combining actually helps or hinders digestion. Extensive scientific trials have not been done but I have personally experienced success and have witnessed others experience great benefits through effective food combining. I have witnessed positive effects on digestive upsets, like IBS, gas, bloating or […]

Sprouted Quinoa and “Roasted” Cauliflower Cranberry & Pepita Salad with Cashew Miso Dressing


Spring is here and it’s time to freshen up your plate. This Sprouted Quinoa and “Roasted” Cauliflower Cranberry & Pepita Salad is just the ticket with plenty of enzymes and phytonutrients. Complete with a delicious cashew miso dressing – recipe also included below. Enjoy! Serving size: Serves 2 Ingredients: 1C sprouted quinoa (to sprout place […]