Top 5 Raw Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Perfect winter raw foods

Adhering to a raw food diet may seem great during the summertime, but when winter rolls around you may find yourself looking for a way to keep warm. Raw food diets are not as restrictive as many people may think, and there are also other ways to keep your body temperature up. Here are the […]

Chamomile: Heal the Body, Mellow the Mind, Use it in Recipes

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile, the national flower of Russia, is renowned for its sedative qualities and calming effects when ingested. In Europe, chamomile is known for easing gastrointestinal distress, as well as the following: canker sores, conjunctivitis, eczema, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, menstrual disorders, migraines, ulcers and skin irritations. Chamomile contains a flavonoid called Chrysin, which proved to have anxiolytic […]

Use Mesquite Meal in Your Raw Recipes


Once in a while I come across a food that changes my life a little bit. This is due to some special quality it possesses making it really stand out. Usually it has to do with a combination of profound nutritional benefits paired with pure unadulterated yumminess. A few foods that fall under the life […]

Overcoming the Snacking Hurdle: Hello Kale Chips!

Kale Chips

Once you get into raw foods or a healthy eating lifestyle it quickly becomes apparent that not only do you need to plan out healthy meals, you also have to plan out HEALTHY SNACKS for when you get the munchies for something crunchy, or for in between meals when you want a little something small. […]

Classic Raw Vegan Ice Cream

Raw Vegan Icecream

This recipe was inspired by wanting to recreate mint chocolate chip ice cream without the need to use young Thai coconuts. After several tries and an ice cream maker (Cusinart Supreme™ Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker) I came up with 3 flavorful and melt in your mouth ice cream flavors. If you do not have […]