Raw Food Kitchen Essentials

Raw Food Kitchen Essentials

If you’re ready to make 2014 the year you turn off that stove and embrace more raw food preparation than you’ve landed on the right website! We’ve got the recipes to inspire you and the tips to help take your kitchen from cooked food drab to raw food fab! While a raw food lifestyle doesn’t […]

Thanksgiving 2013 Recipe Round-up

Thanks giving roundup for 2013

Don’t waste another moment searching around the internet for Thanksgiving recipes! We’ve gathered some of the healthiest and most delectable recipes in one convenient location for you. What you’ll find here is a mix of more traditional Holiday fare along with some not-so traditional (but super yummy and crowd pleasing!) recipes anyone at your Thanksgiving […]

Superfood 101 – The Fundamentals and Our Top 5 Picks!

Super foods

Most everyone aspires to feel good and look even better. By making a few changes in our eating choices we can directly influence both of these things every single day! One of the easiest and most delicious ways to improve your energy levels, enjoy greater levels of health and yes even become more outwardly beautiful […]

The Raw Food Mama – Raw, Vegan Diet and Pregnancy

Vegan Diet and Pregnancy

If you’re a woman whose already into raw foods and are considering having a baby down the road odds are you’ve thought quite a bit about pregnancy nutrition. After-all, once you clean up your diet and experience the health benefits such as elimination of disease, better fitness levels, clearer skin, better digestion, more peace and […]

Cinnamon as a Healthy Supplement in Your Recipes

Cinnamon as a Healthy Supplement in Your Recipes

Many of us may only encounter cinnamon as a tasty sprinkling on a dessert or tea. But this easy-to-find spice has healthy medicinal properties used in Ayurvedic medicine to address a number of imbalances. Here’s how you can incorporate cinnamon as a supplement to a healthy diet. All foods and tastes in Ayurveda have properties […]

Healthy Breakfast Routine For Body, Mind & Diet

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

So you wake up in the morning and realize you left your personal chef in dreamland. Your next question will likely be, how to start the day with a healthy breakfast? Part of the answer is that giving yourself a strong start for the day depends on your individual body and needs. But for all […]

Cha Cha Cha Chia! The Wonderful Benefits of Chia Seeds

Benefits of Chia Seeds

At first glance, chia seeds are pretty demure in appearance. Tiny and brownish/grey, they almost look more like something you might throw out into your lawn as birdseed. But do not be fooled, these little morsels of goodness have amazing nutritional benefits and are in fact a true superfood! Chia seed actually comes from a […]

The Benefits of Organic Raw Nut Butters in Your Raw Diet

Raw nut butters

Nuts and seeds have always been important components of a raw food diet. Likewise, organic nuts and seeds provide the nutrition of raw ingredients without the pesticides, herbicides, and other poisons that inorganic products may present. For these reasons, raw, organic nut butter is a wonderful addition to any raw food diet! Packed with health […]

Top Organic Raw Nuts and Seeds for Your Diet

Top Organic Raw Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are a valuable part of a raw food diet. Not only do they provide a great boost of energy, they give your body vitamins and minerals and help protect it against illness, including heart disease. When adding nuts and seeds to your diet, make sure that they are organic and raw, as […]