5 Reasons to Go Vegan Now


Many believe that a vegan lifestyle is complicated and won’t offer them the same satisfaction they get from eating animal products. Contrary to that belief, going vegan can actually bring the same satisfaction, same delectable taste, and will surely have more benefits. Research done in 2012 found that five percent, or almost 16 million, of […]

Interview with Raw Food Chef Amy Lyons


What is the difference between an ordinary dessert from a raw dessert? Raw desserts have all of their nutrients preserved, since they are never heated above 115F.  They also preserve the flavors of the ingredients you use in them as well.  In some cases, raw desserts I enjoy better than regular desserts such as raw […]

Harvest Time: How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow? It’s the gardener’s favorite time of year; Harvest Season! Not to mention its Raw Foodist’s favorite time of year with all the plentiful fresh foods in season and most likely on sale depending on where you shop. Farmer’s Markets are in full swing and have a surplus of food just […]

WATER: What To Do When You Are Tired of Drinking Water

Pure drinking water

The majority of us don’t drink enough water; and we all know water can get a little boring when you are drinking it all the time. Not to mention, it is hard at times to pass up all the sweet and unhealthy drink options that are available and especially plentiful in the summer time. Instead […]

5 Thickeners Raw Food Chefs Use

Carrageen moss

Culinary Applications from a Certified Raw Food Chef One of the challenges switching over from cooked to raw is knowing what to do to thicken dishes. We need thickeners and binders to create proper consistency to imitate specific dishes. For many new raw chef’s one of the biggest initial hurdles is figuring out what you […]