Aziz Bey

Aziz is a young, passionate Parisian video maker (with Algerian Berber origins) that started posting video tutorials on YouTube in October 2016. Despite the fact his channel is called « Be Simple », his recipes are not all easy, and shot in a very particular, original, minimalist and meticulous way, revealing his personality. Each video promotes a slower and simpler way of living, far from stressful City life and more in touch with our inner rhythm. His artistic approach to editing along with carefully chosen tracks of music, reveals his hip hop background in a very
unique way. Aziz discovered Raw Food in 2012 and has been very much into Juicing and Raw Pâtisserie in the last few years, finding it very complementary to good health.

With his experience and flair, he managed to develop a delicate, almost feminine way of filming raw cake making. Keep on eye on him, as he is a very talented, experimental Raw Cake maker that likes a challenge with tons of ideas as well as a fine filmmaker.

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Be simple, Taste the moment