5 Fast Summer Snack Ideas Using Rawmio

Summer is here and in full swing! Nothing says summer more to us than all the fresh seasonal produce that is in season; and what better way to enjoy summer’s freshness with yummy Rawmio! This summer take advantage of the abundant fresh, seasonal produce when it’s at its most delicious and nutritious by pairing it with Rawmio using these fun creative snack ideas.

Here are 5 easy summer snack ideas using Rawmio that are fast to make so you can have more time to have fun this summer!

1: Rawmio Banana Bites

banana sandwichesMake a bite sized Rawmio sandwich with banana slices. Simply spread some Rawmio on a banana slice and then add another slice on top to create a yummy bite sized sandwich for the perfect power snack in between meals.

2: Rawmio Dipped Strawberries

StawberriesNeed I say more? If you have never tried this fruit pairing with Rawmio you are seriously missing out on something heavenly! This is the height of strawberry season so you have no excuses: Do your tastebuds a favor and have some strawberries dipped in Rawmio as soon as possible!!!

3: Raw Ants on a Log

Ants On a Log sketchMany of you are familiar with the popular kids snack “ants on a log” which is celery stalks filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins. Its a yummy refreshing snack and the Rawmio version of it is a raw gourmet twist. Try taking a celery stalk and filling it with Rawmio; for a superfood twist instead of using raisins try using goji or acai berries or even dried cranberries to give it a slightly tart kick. You will eat all of them before your kids get a chance to try a bite!

4: Fruit Salad with Rawmio

Try making a fruit salad with all the different fruits you can find in your home and try to use as much fruit as you can that is currently in season. Some fruit to suggest to put in your fruit salad would be: nectarines, strawberries and other berries, apples, bananas, and maybe even some fresh orange or clementine. When you are done cutting up all the fruit and putting it in a bowl try drizzling some Rawmio over it as a sauce and garnishing it with a little organic raw coconut flakes.

5: Chocolate Hazelnut Antioxidant Smoothie

Chocolate Shake SketchesDont forget you can add a little Rawmio into your power smoothie!! A little Rawmio will add richness and creamy flavor to any smoothie. Follow this link to our recipe section for the perfect antioxidant smoothie to fuel your day.  You can also make a simple raw chocolate hazelnut milk if you are craving chocolate milk, this recipe tells you how to make a quick simple raw vegan chocolate milk recipe as well.

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